Using our expertise, we work with homeowners to develop detailed floor plans, concepts and layouts for any projects that require updates or renovations.


Whether you are selling your home, or purchasing your very own, we understand that not every layout of a space is suitable to meet your every day needs. Often times we have individuals who come to us seeking advice and support, "our kitchen is too small", "we don't make use of this space," we would like to turn this room into a bedroom. Often times our clients have a hard time visualizing the potential of any space. This is where we can create digital or 3D virtual tours plans of


As a homeonwer we understand that the existing layout of your space might not necessarily fit


To start we will schedule a design consultation to understand your personal style and changes you would like to see made. We will then create digital floor plans based on the functionality of the space and your required needs. We will then provide you with several floor plan options that you can review and choose the one that meets your criteria and your needs. 

All our floor plans will be drawn to scale and if you require, we can provide you with a 3D virtual tour once any changes have been made to help visualize your new space. 

We look forward to working with you. 


We start off with a design consultation in your home.